Frequently Ask Questions


1) What is Cryptotrendz?

Cryptotrendz is an online Cryptocurrency trading program managed by professionals who have an experience of Cryptocurrency trading online marketing and Forex market. We manage the fund with unique strategy and provide the best result to our investors by doing Bitcoin and Altcoin trading.

2) What type of service Cryptotrendz offers?

Asset/ Investment management.
Weekly Webinar for Cryptotrendz user.
Trading class for beginner and Cryptocurrency signal Service.

3) I would like to start participation in your project. How can I do it?

To participate in the project, you need to go through a simple registration procedure on the website. After that, you will become an authorized participant and will be able to make transactions in your personal account.

4) If I am not 18 years old, can I still register?

The minimum age for participants is 18 years, which means that you can not become a member of our Program.

5) I have problems with registration. How do I resolve this issue?

Problems with registration can occur if you enter information incorrectly. Take a good look, if all fields are filled out correctly. If the problem remains, please contact the support service via email.

6) What currency do you accept?

We use only Bitcoin. It is the most convenient payment system.

7) What is the minimum/maximum amount I can invest?

The minimum investment amount is $100. 
The maximum investment amount is $5000.

8) When to expect profit after making a deposit?

Profit will be shared once in a day 5 times in a week (SAT/SUN Off)

9) What is the minimum/maximum amount of funds withdrawal?

You can withdraw from your personal account (Back office) minimum 50 USD/day and Maximum 250 USD/day

10) How can I withdraw funds from my account and how much time it will take?

You can withdrawal from your Back office. Funds withdrawal is processed from 24 hr. to 72 hr. Sometime delay up to 96 hours is possible due to some technical reasons of operations.

11) Is there additional commission to the payment system at funds withdrawal?

Yes, we charge dynamic admin charges on every withdrawal
$50 to $75 (4% Admin Fee) (Above 75$ 3% Admin Fee).

12) What will the affiliate program give me? How can I become a member?

You can invite our friends, partners and relatives to join our ROI platform and earn an additional income as affiliate income from their investments (affiliate profit). For this, it is necessary that you personally invite investors under your referral link only. You can get the link in your personal account in the back office at the "Referral System" section.

13) Is it required to make a deposit to participate in the affiliate program?

No, it is not necessary to make a deposit to participate in the affiliate program. The system has all the conditions to start earning without direct investment. However to get that income you should have minimum investment of 100 USD.

14) How many accounts can I create?

The number of accounts created by one person is not more than one.

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