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Important News

13 Jun 2018

Dear Member, Hope you all are doing well. We do hope you were closely keeping an eye on The much anticipated SegWit triggered through User Activated Soft Fork and after that, the Chain Split in BCC (Bitcoin Cash). Needless to say, you all are aware of that we have closed the new Registration window and Stopped the ROI from 8th Of July and this step was to protect the interest of our Investor's and to make the situation under control, so we do not face the consequences of this HF/SF and Split issue as it was very unpredictable situation. So here is the Good News Cryptotrendz is resuming its services from 10th of August 2017. New Registration window will be open from 10th Of August and you will get your ROI from 11th of August. here are the couple of things which you need to do and practice it- 1. If you are not able to login Kindly reset your password. 2. Every 2nd -week change your Login Password to have a better safety and security of your Account. 3. Activate 2fa in your Gmail account, Trading Account, 4. Do not click on SPAM email or unknown Link. 5. Do not ask for change your BTC address Frequently. Share this message with your team members and inform them. Thanks Regards Team Cryptotrendz



Payout is on Hold

13 Jun 2018

Request you to have patience slowly we will recover and clear all the payouts Read More

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